Monday, November 12, 2007

Days 10 & 11...

Saturday and Sunday were spent mostly creating some order in my craft room. The mess had gotten way out of hand and I couldn't function with it anymore.

Here's my main work table. Everything is tidied up and put away. I even cleaned off the board and put up some new pictures.
Here is my other table which usually holds in progress things as well as my die cutting tools and my big fabric cutting mat.
And this view shows the piles gone from the floor! I collect all manner of things for inspiration and ideas and it needed to get sorted and filed into binders so it was accessible.

I also made a thank you card for my in-laws for my birthday gifts but I didn't take a picture of it.

Now I'm all caught up on my posts and my work space is tidied so I can get back to work!


Miranda said...

So can we start a pool on how long it will stay that way? I'm mostly joking. Have you seen my room lately....haha..

Leah said...

i'm working on getting my space to be organized like this. you did a great job!!

Cindy said...

You have a great workspace! I work on the dining room table, so every few days, I have to pack every thing up and put it away. I envy you, your area.

I'm enjoying your blog, and your art-a-day experiment. Next year, I hope to participate. Keep up the good work!