Friday, November 2, 2007

Day 2 progress...

This morning I've continued working on my box project. I thought I'd post now while I have time as I may not be able to later today or this evening.

The glue dried and everything seems to be staying in place. Here's a view of the side. I decided last night before falling asleep I would use pages from the phone book on the sides. I've seen this in a variety of books and was reminded of it last night while I was viewing another person's work on her blog.

I used a ruler to tear the page to the right width. I didn't worry about length as I wrapped the piece around the edge as I went along.
Here is the piece of paper ready to be adhered to the box. I used gel medium for the adhesion. I love gel medium and use it generously! After ruining a few paint brushes I decided to just use foam brushes I could throw away after I was finished. No matter how hard I tried I could not get that stuff completely out of my brushes. Even with the cleaner.
Here is a view of the side after being papered.
That didn't take long and I had to wait for it to try so I decided to do the inside edge of a frame I made ages and ages ago with the same technique. Here's a view of the plain from. I have no idea what I originally made it for! This is all out of basswood and its probably 6x6.

Here is the frame with the inside papered.
Both pieces done and drying.
Then I remembered this box frame I had from Ikea which I bought to make a little collage of items I brought back from Maine several years ago. So I did the inside edge to. This frame is 5x7 and 2 1/2" wide with glass in the front. I love these box frames. And they are so reasonably priced at Ikea.

So now they are all just sitting downstairs drying. And I am waiting for more ideas to filter in. I used to try hard to visualize a project in it's entirety and now I'm okay with the waiting.

I've been reading Living the Creative Life by Rice Freeman-Zachary and it's been such a great book for me in terms of learning about myself and my creativity and how all artists have their own process and rituals and ways of doing something. No one way is the right way but it's important to know you way. I think I spent a lot of years trying to be a certain way or create a certain way and didn't fully explore my interests and ideas and talents. But the good thing is that it's NEVER to LATE!

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