Monday, November 5, 2007

Day 5...

This is acrylic on canvas. 16x20. It's just the beginning of something. I'm not sure what. It's sort of an emotion piece. And it doesn't look exactly like this in person. It's darker. I'm waiting for it to dry. I've mostly decided that I have to wait 24 hours for my acrylic to dry. I always touch it too soon.
This is my week 43 Deck of Me card. The theme for the week is Home. I drew a house and colored with oil pastels. I love the creaminess of them. I had to dig around for a blending stump though as I haven't drawn or used the pastels for ages.

And this is a peek at the creative chaos I've been working in lately. The state of my craft room is so opposite of the way I prefer things to be. I prefer order and neatness and my craft room is almost always in a state of chaos. I've found I just need to work around that or let it go otherwise I would spend most of my time cleaning, organizing, and rearranging rather than creating.

(The painting looks a little more true to life here. )


Leah said...

cool! looking forward to seeing how the painting progresses!

i get really impatient, so acrylics usually work well cause they dry so fast, but if you want to speed up the process, you could try a hair dryer!

Cindy said...

This looks neat and organized compared to the chaos that is my art area! Good luck with your art a day project!